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Windows 8 presented on a Tegra 3 tablet

Dieses Thema im Forum 'Microsoft Surface Tablet Forum' wurde von Nigan gestartet, 1 Oktober 2019.

  1. Nigan

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    Well-known manufacturers already have plans to bring Windows 8 tablets to market, including Asus, who are planning a new version of Transformer Prime.

    As Nvidia recently confirmed, the Windows 8 operating system is now stable on ARM-based processors.
    This can be seen in the following video. For the future, this means that Windows 8 can also be installed on Android. 55printing This is especially fun for the experimental tablet users. They must then, shoulderstand it work, do not switch to the latest tablet, but can simply equip Their old with Windows 8.

    If Microsoft brings the support for ARM processors later this year, you can expect the first ports for former Android Tablets
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