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The difference between HD lace and regular lace

Dieses Thema im Forum 'Tablet Talk' wurde von Tinashehair gestartet, 29 April 2020.

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    Nowadays, hairstyle is an important part of attracting people's attention, a good hairstyle can make you feel more confident. It is inevitable to have a perm and dye your hair, which will cause damage to your hair and scalp, but a wig can avoid it. So how to choose a good wig could be an important problem.

    There are many kinds of wigs on the market, so which type is better which type is more suitable for ourselves, It’s a problem we need to talk, As we all know lace is very important for a wig, In fact, Lace wigs are hair hooks on the lace net that is, they are very thin and evenly distributed with some very small mesh. The common lace wigs are Swiss lace net and French lace net. Generally, there is a stretch net on the top of the head to adapt to different head types, and they are basically lace headsets made by human hair. Today we will introduce two types lace, these two kinds of lace type are quite common, one is HD lace, the other one is regular lace. What is the difference between these two laces? Let us compare them.

    First, let us look at the HD lace, someone does not know what is HD lace? HD Lace systems feature a high definition hairline unless otherwise requested. Knots can be bleached in the part or all over for a more natural appearance. For short brush-back hairstyles with darker hair we often recommend a re-coloring process in the front, where we ventilate blond hair into the base and then color that hair to your chosen hair color. This avoids the need for knot bleaching in the front and provides a very realistic hairline area, so the hair appears to be naturally growing out of your head even under close scrutiny. Also, the materials used to make HD lace are also different from those of regular ones. HD lace is made of advanced materials. Compared with ordinary lace, this material is more realistic and natural, and can be integrated with your own scalp. It is not easy to knot, lighter, more comfortable, more convenient to change the shape, and suitable for people who pursue the changeable shape. However, compared with ordinary lace, the price will be higher.

    Then, let us check the regular lace, how to distinguish the types of lace, it is mainly distinguished from net bottom. The material mainly uses a kind of net bottom called Swiss net. Most of the lace in our store is Swiss lace, it is common, but it has many advantages, it has good air permeability, good wearing comfort, it is a good choice for most customers with high cost performance. Although ordinary lace is not as natural as HD lace, it is better than high cost performance. It is also a good choice to customers.

    In fact, how to choose the right lace depends on the specific situation. Different customers have different needs for products, and the final choice is not the same. Finally, no matter what kind of lace you choose, if you carefully maintain it, its service life will be long.

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