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    slimphoria keto promoted by them I literally bought it on Amazon when I first got into like the whole health and fitness thing I've had it for about a year and I just put this on and this will help generate sweat in your abdomen area I don't sweat very easily so I have to use these different things to get me sweating so that I can one detox like my skin in my body and just get all this like shit out and then to just I don't know it doesn't come - doing a little extra like when I have it on and it's tight it feels like it's like my stomach is tight so like when I'm doing my ab workouts and when I'm like doing all this cardio shit it just feels like it's adding up so it comes with like this cream when you did it initially but I don't use the cream I just let my body generated some sweat you can just wash it by toweling it off after and just drying it and sanitizing it with like a sanitary wipe so you can clean them and it works really good I really fuck with this bonbon up at the biggest Columbian because steps colombians you got it for me so it might be Columbian

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