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Fire 8th Gen OS sucks!!!

Dieses Thema im Forum 'Kindle Fire Forum' wurde von saviogomes gestartet, 1 Mai 2019.

  1. saviogomes

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    ust got the Fire 8th Gen tablet and so far I am in love with it. With it's portability, so many new possibilities open with another processor and screen in the house.

    The only drawback is the limited annoying operating system forcing me to make an amazon account and pushing a bunch of apps I don't want on my machine. I don't like

    I know Amazon does not want other OS systems on their devices to gather as many opportunities to make another sale. I don't really respect that very much and want that to stop. Is there a way to 100% wipe the operating system and install Android or even Windows 7, primarily Android. I would love to have a bigger note phone! I really really don't like the Amazon OS and willing to tinker in the restricted zone to do it.

    So why am I here on Reddit when I could just google how to do it?

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