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Ear Candling - Truth Vs Myth

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    When a person starts to experience Hearing X3 Review weird noises in the inner ear that only they can hear, they think that something must be wrong but they don't know what. What they are hearing are the sounds of Tinnitus.Typically the next thing they do is go to the doctor thinking they have some type of ear infection or other health issue. It is then that they learn they are afflicted with Tinnitus.

    Tinnitus or T, as it is also referred to, is the name given for these strange inner ear noises that only you can hear. The type of noise heard varies from person to person and can even vary from time to time in the same person.The most common noises heard are; ringing, clicking or clacking sounds, a whooshing sound or a sound like the wind softly blowing across the desert or other similar sounds. These sounds typically will change in severity and may become much worse as time goes on.

    Not everyone, with Tinnitus, hears the same sounds. Some people hear a high pitched ringing while some may have a constant buzzing in their ears or still others may be subjected to a pulse-like sound effect.

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