eadding in a collagen supplement it just

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    Velofel eadding in a collagen supplement it just kind of helps with that so lastly two basic things I just wanted run past you two basic health guys get that your large intestines can hold like 5 pounds of poop or it video to be too long in conclusion you guys get your health right your core health for me it was g the full concept of time because I don't post every day you don't see my stuff every day I went there periods where I deactivated my Instagram accounts you guys don't know the time it isn't seven months that I've lost 40 pounds so like I already said you can't look at someone's progress when they're here and you're starting here you can't compare yourself to that person stop comparing you're off the scale just be healthy I weigh myself once a week I keep track of my weight as far as it dates and stuff just for me just so I know it's been about five pounds a month I'm at in this video Thursd

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