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continuing it but basically to give you guys

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    new you keto continuing it but basically to give you guys like the Cliff's Notes version of why I chose to try Kido I telling you guys what to do with your lives or your bodies I want to clarify that so the other thing I'm stuff that I've made for Chris who is not keto currently because we have a lot of carbs in the house to get through but he's actually gonna be trying the keto diet with me as well again vegan and gluten-free because I have celiac disease so I'm not gonna like cook something we can't both eat so yeah it sounds very restrictive but just like give it a minute and I'll show you guys we eat quite a lot of food the next three things they're very similar so this is golden roasted flax seed this is pretty much it these aren't like whole flax seeds I like one they're already like ground down because then I can use this like directly in cooking I can put this in a mix with like chia seeds and have em seeds and make a chia pudding so I just find that this is the better product to purchase however if you guys want to like grind

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