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8-9inch tablet with stylus for business!!!

Dieses Thema im Forum 'Samsung Tablet Forum' wurde von Jacobcullen gestartet, 31 März 2019.

  1. Jacobcullen

    Jacobcullen Grünschnabel

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    I was wondering if someone can recommend tablet of 8'' to 9'' max (so it can fit suite jacket pocket, so i don't carry it in my hand), with good qaulity pen / stylus (for writing on meetings).

    Now I go around with surface (windows). Although it is great (especially with Onenote combo), but it is too big. Would go with smaller android.

    I used to have Samsung galaxy note 8 (8'' + stylus). I have fond memories of it, but it is too old now. Can't seem to find with samsund what I need.

    Checked Hauwei, but their mediapad 5m 8.4'' does not seem to support stylus (bigger 10'' does).

    Anything else of that size with decent pen ?
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